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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I Write This Blog

I should have noted this in my first post but I spaced it. Oh well, lets give it a 2nd go as this is a slightly less ungodly hour of the night.

I started wearing kilts in 2003. I lived in a world where I'd always worn pants and everyone knew me as wearing pants, so it mainly got used for hiking or a trip to Glacier Park. When I moved to Boise, I figured I'd start right off wearing a kilt, then people wouldn't think I'd went bad. They'd think I was mad and then find out I was more sane as they got to know me.

Well, working in an office in customer service, you really have no need for pants. So, a couple years ago I gave them all to a thrift store. I've not worn a pair of pants since December 28, 2003. :) So, I'm going on 2 1/2 years of pantslessness. So, you gain a lot of practical experience.

I've got a pretty nice dress-up outfit with a Montrose doublet jacket, an 8 yard kilt, kilt pin in family crest, and a kilt belt. However, I don't work for the tartan police, and won't claim that I know everything but all the fancy stuff with kilts. This blog is about day to day stuff. Kilt wearing as more than just a costume, but as a practical garment, though that other stuff can be quite fun. :)

In the interest of full discloure, I'm Customer Resource Manager for King Kilts. I know it sounds like a big title, but my wife's the owner so she promoted me, so it'd look better on my resume. :) But, there are a lot of great kilt makers out there and we'll treat them all fairly.


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