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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Casual Kilt's Buyer's Guide: Amerikilt

I wrote the Casual Kilt's Buyer's Guide about 2 years ago. Its now hopelessly out of date. I'm going to update it by doing one manufacturer at a time and then updating it in the template.

So, today's kilt is the Amerikilt:

Fabric: Cotton/Polyester Blend and Corduroy
Colors: Black, Khaki, Forest, Olive, Tan, Denim, Brown
Standard Lengths: 20" in., 22 in., 24 in. (Will do custom lengths)
Price: $98 ($123 for Corduroy)
Fat Tax: none
Shipping Time: 3-4 weeks in the United States

I'll have some revies from Amerikilt wearers tonight.


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