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Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting the First Kilt

I wrote about buying the first kilt. When you get that first kilt, it can be a great experience.

When I put on my first kilt, I was amazed at its comfort as well as how right the garment felt. Getting the first kilt is also special because rarely is it just something you bought on a whim. Most guys aren't going to spend the type of money you spend on clothing just for the heck of it.

Now, some guys are so confident that they can take that kilt, wrap it around themselves and walk down main street without a thought. Others, as the initial enjoyment wears off, have a mind filled with questions, "What will family members/co-workers think?"

The worst thing to do in a kilt is to venture out scared silly because of your own insecurities. The kilt can be worn most anywhere provided that you have confidence in yourself. Part of that process of building up confidence is mental, but a big part is physical.

Most men have worn pants all their lives. The kilt requires some getting used to, in terms of knowing how to sit, how to kneel, and how to walk. So, if you're nervous give yourself sometime to get used to the kilt. What I'd reccomend is trying the kilt out around the house and getting the feel of it.

Then, try to go hiking in the kilt. I'd reccomend using a quiet but nice park, somewhere you can just relax and enjoy yourself. Get comfortable and step out when you feel like it. Don't feel pressured either way, but build up your confidence.

I'd reccomend trying this, even if you're only planning to wear the kilt to a wedding or the Highland Games. Don't let your big event be the first time you've seriously worn the thing.

The kilt is best worn comfortably and confidently.


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