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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kilted High Schooler Goes to Scotland

I wrote about Nathan Warmack on my main blog back in January. For those who don't remember, Warmack set off a two month international furor when his Missouri Principal ordered him to change out of his kilt, alleging calling him a clown. The School Board came to agreement with him to allow him to wear his kilt at various events including Basketball games. Yesterday, the Scotsman had an update.

Victory was realised in the form of the tall American football-playing student wearing his Scottish jacket, kilt and shoes to school on Tartan Day, 6 April. He then completed his school year by attending the prom a month later, again in his complete attire.

"I think we made a lot of progress," Warmack tells of the school's policy reversal. "Some people liked it (him wearing the kilt) and some thought I was doing it for the attention – which I wasn't. Overall I got a good response."

He adds: "I won't hesitate to come back and help people if there is another situation like mine."

Prom night was particularly satisfying for the young man. When he and his date posed for the traditional prom photo, Warmack painted a picture straight out of a Hollywood premiere.

"It went really well. A lot of people wanted to take my picture. There must have been 50 camera phones taking pictures."

Before he begins his university studies in a few weeks at Benedictine College in Kansas, Warmack has one important trip to complete. He and his family are travelling to Scotland next week for an eight-day adventure that will include visits to castles, cathedrals and a particular loch in search of a certain water monster.

I'm so glad everything turned out well for Nathan and he got a really excellent kilt outfit out of the deal. Hopefully, he'll pave the way for others to enjoy the same privilege.


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