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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Award Winning Kilt

Cotton Incorporated's Lifestyle Monitor gave an innovation award to 21st Century Kilts for his use of denim. In awarding Howie Nicholsby's company the award, they wrote:

"And while we're not certain about the viability of denim kilts within the borders of the United States, we can certainly applause its derring do."

This is one of those decisions that doesn't make sense. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the product, except for one thing. If you view 21st Century Kilts, its clear you're looking at something Avant Garde. Its fashionable and hip. That's what the site full of young hip models sporting these things tells you. The price tag on the Denim Kilt is $460.87 in US Currency and that's before you add pockets. Of course, the most expensive they offer is more than $2300.

Now, that its expensive doesn't mean that its not a good product. Its just not the type of product that's really hit most consumers well. Its priced so high, its not in a consumer's market, so of course, its not going to catch on. Its a fashion item. A normal sized guy can buy 3 Utilikilts in Denim for that price and Utilikilts have been offering those for years, and started around the time of 21st Century Kilts. Now at $148 pop they have a better shot at catching on.


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