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Sunday, June 18, 2006

King Kilts 2.0

Wow, we have the King Kilt 2.0 officially out on Ebay, we'll have some more information out on the website tomorrow, but I thought I'd give the patrons of Xmarks, a heads up on the changes.

King Kilts began in January, 2004. Our product line's evolved quite a bit since then. Our focus was more on Fabric Store plaids for first time or curious kilt buyers. We've since moved more towards special order tartans for new kilt wearers and our specialty at this time is multiple kilt orders.

The King Kilt is made as a seamless garment. That differs from some other kiltmakers, who will cut the fabric and then sew the garment together. Because of this to make a 4 yard kilt, it takes 4 yards of fabric. Generally, since the fabric comes as 54 width or 60 width, we've got enough fabric to make a 2nd kilt and we only charge for labor on that.

Here's me in our prototype:

The big change we've made to our kilts over the years involves the closure. We began with a velcro closure as our default. This didn't work as well when you were wanting a nice kilt.

Through a situation where a customer needed buckles and we had a delay in leather straps arriving, we invented a new method of closure using a plain buckle and 1 inch Cotton Belt. This closure works really well and saves the hastle of velcro. Its a nice middle ground for those who like leather buckles, but don't like the cost. The cotton belt also provides a lot of flexability because you can poke the buckle through anywhere on the cotton belt, so there's a lot more flexability as well.

For belt loops, we've introduced those similar to what's on traditional kilts, where you can fold them down and put the belt through without getting in the way of the buckles. These can also be used for hanging the kilt up.

We changed our pleating so that primarily on our kilts, we're doing Deep Pleating, even on the 4 yard kilts as our default. So they'll have larger pleats which can be a lot more comfortable as well as a little easier to care for.

We're offering our first set of kilts on Ebay. You can buy one kilt, get a 2nd for yourself for free, or go in with a friend on it and at $130 per kilt, its a great buy.

Here's the auction

Note: If you're interested in something different than we're offering on ebay like a cotton tartan kilt or a plain kilt, or pockets, then I'd reccomend visiting our website as we offer a lot of customization. If you have any questions, visit the website or e-mail me.


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