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Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Get a Kilt in 2 Weeks

How to Get a Kilt in 2 Weeks

While out and about on Labor Day weekend, I was asked more often than ususal about my kilt and where I got it from. From what I can gather, the reason for the curious question has everything to do with the upcoming Treasure Valley Highland Games on September 26. Apparently, some people have delayed the kilt purchase until the very last possible minute.

So, I'm offering this post as a Public Service Announcement to help folks find that last minute kilt and to maybe limit the questions I get walking down the street.

The bad news is that hopes of getting a very nice custom fit tartan kilt are pretty much not going to happen in two weeks. It'll have to be off the rack or if there's a degree of customization, it's going to be limited.

It's probably a good idea to check with a Wee Bit O' Scotland on Emerald and see what they have in stock. Last time I was there a few years back, they had some "Great Kilts" in stock, which can look nice if you tie them right.

Here are some of your options in order of cost:

  • Stillwater Kilts: Stillwater kilts has the least expensive kilt out there I've seen. I actually own one of their Thrifty Kilts, which start at around $24.95 in 9 tartans. This should arrive to you easily within a week. They also are an excellent source for accessories. Length on the kilt is 24" standard, so probably not a good choice if you're short.
  • Sport Kilt: Sport Kilt is probably the name in Highland Athletics. They're very popular, though I've never had one myself. Pricewise, they have a huge sliding scale based on size. They have a lot of their kilts off the wrack. However, they offer some customizations that are extra. If you fall into their small or medium range and don't need any customization, this isn't a bad deal. They've got a pretty good tartan selection to boot.
  • The Frugal Corner: They've got an excellent selection of kilts in a variety of tartans for $61, and you can get in-stock Royal Stewart Kilts for $45 on sale. The construction is pretty solid, I own two of these kilts myself. Again, the standard length is 24", so you want to be sure that's not way too long based on your height.
  • King Kilts: Yes, this is my wife's kilt company, in the interest of full disclosure. These are handmade right here in Boise. She could get probably one more kilt done by the Highland Games. However, unless you have tartan fabric on hand, it's going to have to be more readily available plain colored fabric in a neutral color like Black, Green or Gray. We just don't keep tartan in stock, it's too expensive.
  • Amerikilts: Nice company out of Pittsburgh, makes kilts in Black, Khaki, Forest Green, and Olive Green. Their kilts run $98 and generally when I've ordered from them, they've had them out in no time flat. What's nice is that there are three options on length, so this could be a very good option for shorter guys.

So these are the main options if you are in a crunch for a kilt and all of them are under $100, so it works for a budget.

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